Introducing a Transformative Advancement in Urinary Bladder Irrigation

We are revolutionizing manual bladder irrigation methods, challenging the old ways, and bringing necessary change to keep it clean. With Multiphze, you fill, irrigate and drain for less hands-on time, less risk of contamination, and less clean-up.

Multiphze® Enclosed Bladder Irrigation System

The only enclosed bladder irrigation system that offers a unique rotatable syringe and independent ports used to manage the flow of fluids without the need to repeatedly disengage from the urinary catheter. Multiphze is a safer, more convenient bladder irrigation method for improved procedural efficiencies and reduced risks and costs associated with managing hematuria.

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The Multiphze Enclosed Bladder Irrigation System is the only solution created by physicians for medical professionals treating hematuria that offers a novel method for irrigating the bladder, designed to reduce the risks and costs associated with biohazard exposure and contamination while delivering improved procedural efficiencies.

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In Vivo Porcine Evaluation of the Multiphze® Device: A Self-Contained Bladder Irrigation System

Current standard bladder irrigation methods for clot evacuation are cumbersome, inefficient, and hazardous due to the risk of blood and urine contamination of the patient, environment, and provider.

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