The only enclosed bladder irrigation system that offers a unique rotatable syringe and independent ports used to manage the flow of fluids without the need to repeatedly disengage from the urinary catheter.

A safer, more convenient bladder irrigation method for improved procedural efficiencies and reduced risks and costs associated with managing hematuria.

Transformative New Method

The Multiphze Enclosed Bladder Irrigation System features an irrigation line and a drainage line with a 4 Liter urine bag which are preassembled and connected to a specialized syringe that attaches directly to a standard urinary catheter for a more convenient and safer manual bladder irrigation procedure.

Overall System Features & Benefits

Comes with syringe attached to irrigation line and drainage bag so users simply spike irrigation line into sterile solution and affix syringe tip to urinary catheter to conveniently begin procedure

Diverts flow of fluids through separate ports for improved procedural efficiencies and reduced risks associated with exposure to bloody urine

Eliminates need to repeatedly disengage syringe from urinary catheter for a more productive procedure and mitigates risks of cross contamination

Enables sterile solution, catheter and waste collection bag to remain attached during procedure to provide enhanced protection from exposure to bloody urine

Novel Syringe Features & Benefits

The Multiphze novel syringe features a rotatable body and three independent ports for supporting the FILL, IRRIGATE & DRAIN functions that provides enhanced protection and utility during the procedure

Rotatable Syringe Design

Offers 4 positions:

  1. OFF: Syringe  is in neutral position with no flow of fluids
  2. FILL:  Allows syringe to fill with sterile solution
  3. IRRIGATE: Allows fluids from syringe to flow in and out of bladder
  4. DRAIN:  Allows fluids from syringe to be discarded into attached drainage bag

Augmented Syringe Volume

Accommodates up to 120 ml of fluids for a more efficient procedure that can irrigate the bladder faster with less user fatigue

Intuitive User Interface

Easy to understand icons & labeling for delineating each phase

Tactile Feedback

Palpable and audible affirmation for when syringe is in each of the 4 positions

Plunger Stopper

Prevents plunger from accidentally pulling out of syringe and mitigates inadvertent spillage of fluids and bloody urine

Kink-Resistant Connector Tubing

Flexible design prevents connector tubing from collapsing when bending to keep fluids flowing throughout the procedure (DEPH free)

Tapered Tip For Standard Catheter Connection

Fixed, tapered tip securely connects to standard urinary catheters

DEHP-Free Irrigation Line

The Multiphze Enclosed Bladder Irrigation System features an irrigation line that is preassembled and connected to the rotating syringe. Its kink-free flexible design prevents the tubing from collapsing when bending to keep fluids flowing throughout the procedure. The irrigation line can also be disconnected and used for continuous bladder irrigation with the patient after the manual bladder irrigation procedure is completed.

Conveniently connects “enclosed system” to sterile solution and  allows it to flow more efficiently

Helps prevent air from entering irrigation line and provides visual affirmation of sterile solution flow during procedure

Regulates flow of sterile solution through irrigation line into syringe

Protects against unwanted backflow of fluid into irrigation line

Creates a tight connection that seals the irrigation line with the syringe, creating a secure coupling that makes it highly resistant to leaking, being blown-off or pulled-off the kit.

4 L Urinary Drainage Bag

The Multiphze Enclosed Bladder Irrigation System includes a drainage line and 4 Liter urine bag that comes pre-assembled to the syringe.  This design conveniently allows the disposal of syringe contents without disconnecting from the patient’s urinary catheter, which helps prevent exposure to splashing, spraying, and spilling of bloody urine during the procedure. The drainage bag can be discarded safely afterwards with the kit or immediately reused as needed with the same patient.

Economic Benefits

Improved Efficiencies

Reduces procedural times  by 50%1 for manual bladder irrigations

Cost-Effective Process

Only one medical professional is needed to complete the procedure

Faster Procedural Time

120 ml syringe allows for more fluid to move with greater efficiency and lessens potential user fatigue via  fewer plunger cycles

A Safer Method

Reduces occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens which mitigates financial risks for hospitals3

Reduced Clean-Up Costs

Mitigates the time & costs associated with cleaning up after the procedure2

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